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Woodburner Stoves Launceston
Burley Woodburner Stoves

Based in the UK, Burley provide some of the world's most efficient woodburner stoves.
Burley were established in 1975 and provide amazing stoves which are designed with clean burning technology,
efficiency always in mind and an incredible window to give you an indescribable view as the fire smoulders away.

Our Featured Burley Stove
 Launceston Woodburner Stove
Why Choose the Hollywell?

With an incredible 5kw output at an unbelievable efficiency of 89.1%, the Hollywell woodburner stove offers the perfect stove for your home.

With a welcoming warmth, the Hollywell has the option to be multi fuel and is even DEFRA approved so can be used in smoke control zones.

Woodburner Stove Launceston 5 KW Output Woodburner Stove Launceston Multi Fuel Options
Woodburner Stoves Launceston 89.1% Efficiency Woodburner Stoves Launceston DEFRA approved
More stoves from Burley...
Woodburner Stoves Launceston
Springdale 9103
Ideal for the smaller home that only needs a small amount of heat, the Springdale utilises innovative technology to provide a quality warmth.
Output: 3KW
Efficiency: 88.9%
Height: 495 mm
Width: 370mm
Depth: 296mm
Woodburner Stove Launceston
Debdale 9104
One of Burley's most efficient stoves, the Debdale 9104 is ideal for those looking for a cost effective stove that provides an amazing warmth for smaller homes.
Output: 4KW
Efficiency: 89.8%
Height: 495 mm
Width: 370mm
Depth: 296mm
Woodburner Stove Launceston
Brampton 9108
The Brampton stove provides a heating solution for those who need a larger output. The stunning warmth generated truly helps turn a house into a home.
Output: 8KW
Efficiency: 85.5%
Height: 680mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 405mm
Launceston Woodburner Stoves
Wakerley 9112
The Wakerley provides an incredible 12kw of heat at an efficiency of 84.1% making it ideal for those with larger homes in need of a quality heating solution.
Output: 12KW
Efficiency: 84.1%
Height: 780 mm
Width: 750mm
Depth: 405mm
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